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Professional Captain

Summer Quarter 2015


  • So you let your license lapse...

  • Can I sail to Cuba yet?

  • What to do about legalized pot? 

Professional Captain

Spring Quarter 2015


  • Sea School has recently launched a great new website! Visit

  • Maritime Security Awareness Training Mandatory. Are you certified?

  • When can I take my boat to Cuba? 

Professional Captain

Summer Quarter 2014


  • U.S. Coast Guard Medical Certificates

  • Do you need to renew your TWIC

  • Latest developments on USCG approved CPR/First Aid courses

Professional Captain

Summer Quarter 2014


  • Coast Guard issues NVICs on STCW endorsements

  • Postdating of Merchant Mariner Credentials

  • Change in Merchant Mariner Appeal Process

Professional Captain

December 2013


  • What is RFPNW?

  • Sea School debuts Full Mission Bridge Simulator

  • STCW Security Training - Are you ready?

Professional Captain

November 2013


  • USCG grants Extebsion to Mariner Credentials during the lapse in appropriations

  • The end of traditional paper nautical charts

  • Sea School unveils their new Full-Mission Bridge Simulator

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